It Seems I Have An Army


"So I looked away for a second and I said ‘Hang on ! Hang on ! Hang on, let me just… like relax for a bit’, so I was just looking out the window and she got me."

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Tom Hiddleston sings Bear Necessities x



THE most underrated scene in the entire movie. It was perfect. And do you know how often I see gif sets of it? This is the second one I’ve seen since the movie came out (It’s been over 5 months, now).

So let’s just pause for a moment from reblogging gifs of Tony’s sass, Loki’s sex appeal, or Bruce’s fluffiness and just appreciate this nameless, old, German guy and how, even though he knew he would probably die, he stood up to a tyrant to prove that the human race wouldn’t give up their freedom so easily.

Friendly reminder that it’s implied that he’s a Holocaust survivor.

"Brothers" -- Thor and Thor 2


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#every single week in the Tom Hiddleston fandom


#every single week in the Tom Hiddleston fandom


Tom Hiddleston Tells Us About Living Below The Line (by UNICEFUK)



OK, here we go… the wonderful, heartfelt card designed by TOM HIDDLESTON in aid of  !

And here’s the inside message from Tom Hiddleston’s card Enjoy!